Rowing and driving on rivers with a single boat with the best performance

The boat from the river Tenojoki is known about its graceful form which is long and narrow. It has been used on the northern rivers from the very ancient times. It is still the most suitable on the rivers for moving,both rowing and driving outboard motor.

The boat from river Tenojoki is built of close-grained pine of the north, of which slow increment makes the material very long lasting. So the boards,which are used when building the boat,could be as wide as 300 mm. In addition to the trunk of the pine, also the branches are exploited while building the boat. The natural shapes of the branches are taken advantages of while making the curves of the boat.

We in Tenon Vene build wooden boats of length 5-13 meters according to the wishes of our clients. They are made according to the traditional knowledge and skill. In addition to the wood we use also plywood as a material for the boat.